BRUSA presents Sweet Friend, innovator in veterinary dermatology products.

After reading the first line of Sweet Friend’s website “Sweet Friend is moved by the challenge of providing increasingly better and more innovative products, always with technical competence, ethics and respect for the environment”, we knew we wanted to introduce their products to U.S. markets!

Located in Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sweet Friend has tailored their extensive product line of dermatological animal care products to their customers’ demanding needs. While setting the standard for local and international veterinarian dermatological products, they run a sophisticated set of laboratories for research, development and quality control, that only use raw materials that adhere to the strictest standards of quality.

Sweet Friend's mission is to operate safely and profitably, with social and environmental responsibility, providing products and services tailored to the needs of their customers, contributing to the growth and development of Brazil.

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Sample of Sweet Friend's product line
Casco Forte Dermatolgia Veterinaria
Sweet Friend Pele Sensivel Shampoo
Sweet Friend Professional Shampoo
Sweet Friend Cado Branco
Sweet Friend Shampoo for Cats
Sweet Friend Shampoo for Dogs
Sweet Friend Shampoo for Horses
Sweet Friend Products
Sweet Friend Shampoo Products 2
Sweet Friend ZFL-33
Sweet Friend Sweet Plants
Sweet Friend Casco Forte

Sweet Friend’s commitment to the environment is present in each stage of the production process, with attention to each employee as well as to the characteristics of each product.

Their environmental management system aims to protect both the environment and their customers by using 100% biodegradable raw materials. Before the release of each new product, biodegradability tests are carried out in their official laboratories, as well as in international laboratories of Sweet Friend’s largest suppliers.

- Noble ingredients
- Low dermal and ocular irritability
- Physiological pH