BIONATUS Herbal medicine and foods

BRUSA presents Bionatus,
a leader in herbal medicine, functional foods and Propovit,
its unique line of honey based products.

Bionatus Laboratório Botânico in São José do Rio Preto (SP), is one of the largest manufacturers of herbal medicines in Brazil. With 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and honey based products, they have a current portfolio of over 80 products that cover most nutritional and herbal medicine needs. BRUSA is introducing Bionatus' Propovit line of honey based products to the U.S. markets.

Their quality control laboratory and production sector have been approved by and awarded a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices by Anvisa, Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency. With the dedication of its employees, Bionatus continues to research and develop new products that meet and exceed customers' needs, while ensuring respect for the environment.
Bionatus Categories
Nutritional Supplements by Bioatus
Nutritional Supplements
BIONATUS herbal medicine
Herbal Medicine
Lipfirm By Bionatus
New Slim by Bionatus
New Slim
Greens by Bionatus
Nuticosmetics by Bionatus
Vitamins and Minerals by Bionatus
Vitamins and Minerals
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Bionatus' Propovit line of honey derived products
Propovit Cinnamon Ginger Bales Propovit Extract Propolis Propovit Ginger Bales with Coffee Propovit Honey with Propolis and Eucalyptus in Sachet Propovit Honey with Propolis and Guaco in Sachet Propovit Honey with Propolis and Watercress in Sachet Propovit Honey with Propolis in Sachet Propovit Honey with Royal Jelly in Sachet Propovit Spray Extra Mint Flavor Propovit Spray Ginger Flavor Propovit Spray Mint Flavor Propovit Spray Pomegranate Flavor Propovit Spray Strawberry Flavor Propovit Spray Tuti Frutti Flavor Propovit Traditional Ginger Bales
Propovit Cinnamon Ginger Bales