Welcome to BRUSA Products, your bridge to market expansion.

Our company is in the business of bringing premium Brazilian products to U.S. markets.
We offer unrivaled sales, marketing and distribution services, including setting realistic U.S. expansion objectives, offering complete competitor, customer, and product analyses, and providing a variety of direct sales, digital and web marketing. Our clients are partners. Their success is our success. Our team is made up of a dedicated group of people, experts in their fields, brought together for the sole purpose of expanding Brazil’s finest products into U.S. markets.
Brusa Products, LLC- U.S. Market Expansion
If you have the product and an objective, BRUSA has the experience and knowledge to help you reach that objective!

By analyzing your company’s objectives, our team will deliver a detailed executable strategy, setting realistic budgets, detailing the best possible distribution channels, and coordinating all your shipping logistics.  Leave all the details to us.
BRUSA Marketing Strategy
We bring premium, high quality Brazilian products to the U.S. and the Middle East,  as well as find the perfect partner for U.S. companies in Latin America and the Middle East. BRUSA offers sales, marketing and distribution services to a selected group of Brazilian manufacturers that meet the following qualifications:

- Ready to create a new market or expand existing products into the U.S. and the Middle East

- Ready to comply with existing labeling and language requirements (English or Arabic)

- Having the financial capital to address the requirement of a full premium marketing service

- Ready to become part of the elite Alliance that BRUSA offers by becoming One Team for the benefit of all

- Willing to share part of the profit with selected charitable organizations as a way of giving back.
Services we provide

Company Objective
To determine the best and most cost effective way to bring our client’s objectives to fruition and their ability to achieve those objectives factoring in their current product and service capability.

Competitors Analysis
Identify who the direct and indirect competitors are and evaluate them through several factors,
including sales analysis, distribution channels and branding techniques.

Customer Analysis
When the target customer is identified, we gear our marketing for direct targeting. Knowing and understanding the consumer’s expectations allows us to provide excellent customer service and efficient product delivery.

Product Analysis
Help brand our client’s products so that they can be easily found by distributors and consumers as their best choice. Define the benefits of the products, by focusing on quality, effectiveness, ease of purchase and use.

Market Analysis
Understanding the market size, potential for growth and speed at which the market itself can grow, gives us the ability to direct our resources accurately to maximize our client’s distribution and sales objectives.

Marketing Tools
Develop the best way to communicate with the target customer by providing effective marketing strategies such as direct sales, digital marketing, and effective and optimized website that gives us the exact metrics and data needed to analyze, improve and respond to the consumer’s buying behaviors.


Villa Borghese Coffee

Villa Borghesi is a Brazilian company that produces a premium gourmet coffee, roasted to perfection by Jannuzzi Roasting that meets and surpasses all standards while incorporating social responsibility and sustainability, with an unwavering commitment to the environment.

Our U.S. Marketing Approach:

- Initiate direct sales with 5 star hotels and restaurants, country clubs, yacht clubs
- Find distributors of gourmet products who can deliver to all venues
- Placement in retail stores that sell gourmet products
- E-commerce from Villa Borghesi U.S. website
- Sell through Amazon fulfillment centers
- Donating a portion of their profits to:

CHARITY: (to be announced)

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Villa Borghesi
Sweet Friends

Sweet Friend is a Brazilian manufacturer of high end dermatologically tested pet products for dogs, cats, horses and show cattle, that creates new and innovative products with technical competence, high ethics and respect for the environment.

Our U.S. Marketing Approach:

- Initiate direct sales to professional groomers, veterinary clinics and boutique pet shops
- Placement in retail pet chains
- E-commerce from Sweetfriendboutique.com U.S. website
- Sell through Amazon fulfillment centers

CHARITY:  Rescue Pet Centers for Abandoned Pets (names to be announced)

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Stalden Decor Print Transfer for Chocolates

Stalden Decor is a Brazilian manufacturer of cocoa butter print transfers for chocolate. This amazing product is used by professional chefs, French bakeries, coffee shops and chocolate manufacturers all over the world. This high quality manufacturer focuses on decoration and customization that creates amazing, perfect every time prints on chocolate to decorate pastries and cakes, as well as custom designs for weddings, hotels and corporate logos, etc.

Our USA Approach:

- Initiate direct sales to bakeries, hotels, restaurants, yacht clubs
- Placement in retail stores selling bakery decorating products including craft chain stores
- E-commerce sales from Staldendecor.com U.S. website
- Live chef demonstrations at select events in the U.S.
- Sell through Amazon fulfillment centers

CHARITY:  Scholarships for underprivileged students wanting to pursue a career to become a French Pasty Chef, with internship in Brazil at one of the top Bakeries in Brazil

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Lorena Reyes - Managing Director
Lorena Reyes

Managing Director
Lorena Reyes's more than 35 years of international business experience, both from working with multinational companies, as well as owning a variety of companies herself, has given her first hand knowledge of what companies need to penetrate a new market. Her experience along with her cultural understanding of U.S., Latin American and Middle Eastern markets have provided her with winning strategies when navigating the import export world at the global level.  Her thorough understanding of international sales, marketing, customs and shipping make Lorena a marketing expansion natural and a vital part of our organization.
Carlos Eduardo Forti, Sales Reperesntaive - Brazil
With over 43 years in international business, Carlos Eduardo Forti has accomplished many successful product launches throughout Latin America and Europe for national and multinational Brazilian companies like TAM, Azul, Natura, and Mann Filter Click. With his background in business and his experience as a motivational speaker, Eduardo has coached sales teams in 10 different countries, including Brazil.  Successful in delivering on all planned expansion and maintaining long term relationships with both manufacturers and customers make Eduardo an invaluable asset to our company.
Carlos Eduardo Forti

Sales Representative - Brazil
Daniel Anzanello - V.P. of Digital marketing
Daniel Anzanello is a professional leader with expertise in all facets of digital and social media strategies, managing projects, marketing campaigns, and client services within high profile corporations. He is skilled in collaborating with all members of the organization to achieve business and financial objectives. Daniel's work is instrumental in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing creative technology solutions.
Daniel Anzanello

V.P. of Digital Marketing
Kathryn McAvoy - Marketing Director
Kathryn McAvoy

Marketing Director
Coming soon ...
Corinne Saada

Sales Manager
A career sales professional, Corinne Saada enjoys 30 years of involvement in the sales field. Her career started in the restaurant and bakery business before transitioning into the hospitality resort industry. She has worked for large corporations like Marriott Corp., Fairfields Resorts and other independent properties in the U.S., the Caribbean and Mexico. Corinne is passionate about the needs and goals of her clients. She is solution oriented and committed and dedicated to high customer satisfaction.